Parties and Private Readings

If you want to have a party that folks will talk about for a long time to come - Ariana will entertain your guests in unique style!

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Scroll down the page to see some photos of a few of the parties that Ariana has entertained at. Please call for pricing (varies depending on travel, etc.)
The quickest way to reach Ariana is by phone (240) 232-2707
or email


Want a Private Reading?

Palmistry, Tarot, Handwriting Analysis or Lip Print Reading (Lipsology) is available in a number of ways.

Getting a private reading with Ariana is easy and you even have LOTS of choices in how to do it!

If you are local - call (240) 232-2707 and make an appointment to see Ariana either at her home in Bowie, MD or at Sacred Circle Bookstore (in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Not local? No problem. You can get a reading over the phone, by email or even skype.
Send an emal or call Ariana to make an appointment and you can discuss your options.
If you want to do a private Lip Print Reading Here's what you'll need to do:

  • First - Get a plain sheet of paper or a plain piece of card stock (no lines).
  • Second - Get some nice bright or dark lipstick that will make a strong impression (no gloss, balm or pastels please).
  • Third - Kiss that cardstock or paper at least 3 times and number the order that you kissed it.
  • Fourth - Sign your name and date the paper.
  • Fifth - take a picture with your i-device (phone, pad etc.) and email the pic to Ariana
    OR - send that paper to Ariana in the mail
    OR - scan it (to at least 150 dpi and in color) and send it via email.
  • If you haven't done so already - Make an appointment with Ariana and let her know whether you are emailing or snail mailing her the kissses and how long a session you want and you can either talk on the phone, text on the computer (through gmail) or skype. It's your choice - but let her know when you make the appointment what you want to do so that she knows what to be ready to do. At the time you make your appointment she'll give you the contact info. for what media you'd like to use. If you "snail" mail her your kisses, contact her to let her know they are on the way so she can keep an eye out for them and get in touch to schedule that appointment when they arrive.

    Best way to reach Ariana fastest is by phone

    (240) 232-2707
    or email

    Here's some photos of a few great parties Ariana has entertained at. Call or email her at the number above!

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